Presenting all your experiences, skills and knowledge in a document can be a feel like a daunting challenge! Often, you may feel like you are babbling on or are not sure where to focus the direction of your professional pitch.

Many of us know we are capable and fit to fulfil the position or job of our dreams but fall short on presenting exact points that make us the perfect candidate. It is important to stand out and create a solid demonstration of your knowledge and ability, which is exactly why we are presenting a FREE CV workshop where you can get professional guidance on writing, editing and curating the perfect CV for your role. Whether you are just starting or well on your way on composing, we are here to give focused advice to sharpen the aim and points within and make you land that dream role!

Come along to The RecordShop in The Mall (Wood Green) on the 6th, 13th and 20th of June and have your CV reviewed!

Make sure to secure a spot!