The journey of The RecordShop began with Mary Otumahana (WondRWomN), a young musician driven by a powerful vision of inclusivity in the music world. With her passion as fuel, our voluntary-led social action project took flight, focusing on four key pillars: recording, artistic growth, performance, and hands-on work experience. These are areas typically reserved for industry insiders—those signed to labels or  with financial backing. 

But here’s the twist: we’re all about breaking down barriers. We roll up our sleeves to work with teens and young adults (16-25) navigating life’s twists and turns, as well as youngsters (11-15) just dipping their toes into the music scene.

Think of us as a beacon of support during those pivotal moments of transition—whether it’s navigating the wild ride of adolescence, plotting career paths, or embarking on journeys of self-discovery and personal growth. Since our inception in 2015, our family has grown to 900 strong. And over eight years of operation, we’ve never stopped evolving, constantly fine-tuning our approach and expanding our services to stay relevant, connected, and ready to shape the futures of countless young talents.