On the 25th of June, our incredibly talented musicians from our latest Artists Accelerator Academy performed in front of an audience and showcased what they have been up to; from singing different types of genres including R&B to playing the bass guitar, they were amazing. Special mention and huge congratulations to Greta, Charlotte, Judah and Ikran for their amazing commitment and enthusiasm they put into the program. Below are photos you can check out and videos will be available on our social media platforms (such as Facebook and Instagram) to check out more of their performances! 

This event was also a mash-up with our Open Mic event which we hold every Saturday evening till 9 pm. We had amazing performances, including three original songs from Planet Janet, Jakob and more! It is an open-to-all event where you can come along and perform for free. It is a warm, welcoming and wholehearted environment where everyone is extremely supportive and uplifting of one another where you can relax, get a drink and just enjoy your evening. 

Rojda Aslan