Hello, I am Abdul and I have participated in work experience at a social enterprise called The RecordShop. The RecordShop is a small place but they have a big mission. Their mission is to help young people with their personal, profession and educational needs.

My work experience here at The RecordShop has taught me new skills that i haven’t learnt before such as customer service, what i had to do was serve the customers a drink it was very daunting as it was my first time and i didnt wish to make any mistakes with my first time but i managed to pull through and made my first sale. The second skill I learned was how to open the store and the regulations that must be followed when opening the store such as checking the expiry dates of the products that are sold, checking if the equipment is working properly and is ready for use.

The third skill I have come across was talking to customers when i was handing out leaflets and promoting the shop. This task was a little troublesome as most people walked by with no response but some people showed some interest and I explained what we do and why we do it and handed them a leaflet so they can come back and learn more about The RecordShop.