Hello you marvellous mothers and wonderful women out there. How would you like to jump in and join us for a fun filled afternoon of paint, prizes, love and laughter at Wood Green?

Once we welcome everyone at 2pm we’ll bring out our brushes, pop out our paints and pop up our canvas at 2.30pm. Let us splash some fabulous colour onto those blank canvas.

Prepare for some friendly competition at 4pm with some great prizes in for the taking.

Once we crown the competition winners we will rock the stage, sing and dance the day away. Gear up for an up beat party at 4.15pm! Sounds terrific? Click here to book your tickets https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/art-attack-and-yak-international-womens-day-mothers-day-special-tickets-846363906227?aff=erelexpmlt